The Intellicath™ Difference

Traditional treatments are centered on organ specific pain. Vulvar pain, bladder pain, ovarian pain, and rectal pain are all manifestations of the real problem – a malfunctioning, upregulated nervous system. This treatment plan utilizes very specific minimally invasive nerve blocks to effectively down regulate your nervous system and restore normalcy. A proprietary nerve block catheter the Intellicath™ can then be placed through the back to reboot your nervous system over 7 to 10 days and give you back your life.

The Intellicath™ is a medical break through! A proprietary, patent pending device expanding options to treat a multitude of pain syndromes arising from nerves. Applications for its use include wound healing, arterial ulcers, skin flap revascularization, complex regional pain syndrome, post surgical pain control, and of course chronic pelvic pain!  It is a unique catheter (medical tubing), used to administer anesthetic (numbing medication), to nerves that are causing unwanted symptoms and pain.