The Intellicath™ Difference

Traditional treatments are centered on organ specific pain. Vulvar pain, bladder pain, ovarian pain, and rectal pain are all manifestations of the real problem – a malfunctioning, upregulated nervous system. This treatment plan utilizes very specific minimally invasive nerve blocks to effectively down regulate your nervous system and restore normalcy. A proprietary nerve block catheter the Intellicath™ can then be placed through the back to reboot your nervous system over 7 to 10 days and give you back your life.

The Intellicath™ is a medical break through! A proprietary, patent pending device expanding options to treat a multitude of pain syndromes arising from nerves. Applications for its use include wound healing, arterial ulcers, skin flap revascularization, complex regional pain syndrome, post surgical pain control, and of course chronic pelvic pain!  It is a unique catheter (medical tubing), used to administer anesthetic (numbing medication), to nerves that are causing unwanted symptoms and pain.

Stem Cell Therapy

When anesthetic blocks are short-lived and even long-term anesthetic blocks yield limited relief, maybe it's time to consider cellular and acellular therapy. Cellular therapy utilizes your own body's stem cells in addition to very potent proprietary growth factors to treat many medical conditions. It is now possible to modulate your pain on a cellular level.  Find out how stem cell therapy can help you take back your life by visiting us at 

Stimulation Device  

You may have read about peripheral nerve stimulation, sacral stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, peripheral pudendal nerve stimulation and even the Interstim TM device, but now a brand new proprietary form of stimulation, autonomic nerve stimulation has been developed by Dr. Spiel for patients suffering from all forms of chronic pelvic pain. A simple outpatient procedure may be all that is standing between you and controlling your pain. To find out if you are a candidate for this breakthrough technology , call us at 732-548-2000 and start feeling like you again


Understanding that the nervous system is directly involved in chronic pelvic pain, expands the options available for effective treatment to eliminate pain. The nervous system is responsible for the transmission of impulses. The transmission of pain signals results in an individual feeling pain. When there is an “up regulation” of the nervous system, there is an amplification of the pain sensation. This “up regulation” prevents the pain from subsiding, and results in chronic pain.

A nerve block targeting the specific associated nerves, interrupts the signal pathway, and stops the pain. After successful positive blocks, a temporary catheter called Intellicath(tm) may be recommended. Intellicath™ is a temporary catheter used for specific,extended placement, which allows for long term, and sometimes permanent, relief. Nerve blocks are minimally invasive procedures performed quickly and safely in an outpatient surgery center.

 An anesthesiologist administers mild sedation for patient comfort, and x-ray or ultrasound is utilized to ensure proper placement. Patients return home the same day often reporting immediate benefit.



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Intellicath™ Inventor Dr. Douglas J. Spiel M.D

Dr. Spiel has specialized in pain management for the last fifteen years, He is well-known for his significant expertise in conventional, specialty, and cutting edge treatment therapies/approaches for pain. As a result, Dr. Spiel is able to provide the most relevant and appropriate treatment plans to patients who may not have been treated successfully elsewhere. This knowledge and experience, in conjunction with his broad and unique medical background, including certifications in Interventional Pain and Radiology, has resulted in highly successful outcomes for his patients.